Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Getting out of the chrysalis

The green swathe across this page could have been a path, but it kept making me think 'caterpillar' so I went with it. So why did I have caterpillars in mind?

The caterpillar can't stay in the chrysalis forever.

There is a time of waiting; a time of transformation.

Eventually the waiting comes to an end and it is time to emerge... or die.

If the butterfly doesn't emerge, what was the point of all that transformation?

It feels as if a long period of waiting is coming to an end for me. It is time to emerge and fly; to take risks and move forward.

I doubt that I will be posting anything on Friday as our shipping container has finally arrived and cleared customs. Yay! Delivery is Thursday and Friday, so I'll be a bit busy...

But after that I'm hoping there will be a return to some more inspiring pages. I'm so fed up with what I've been producing with a minimal kit. It just tells me what the bare essentials are for me: more than I packed in my hand luggage this time :) I'll share pics of my new studio once I've shoe-horned everything in.

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  1. I'm so excited that your container is arriving tomorrow...that's such exciting news! I'll be watching with great anticipation as you emerge from your 'way-too-bare-minimum' chrysalis!


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