Monday, 2 April 2018

Heat, light, water

Heat, light, and water are necessary for growth.

Where do we get them from?

Who in your life provides you with these necessaries? There are people who bring refreshment to our lives like a cool drink on a hot day. They allow us to take in the light, not shading us, but standing alongside. They bring warmth into our lives and cause us to grow.

Who blocks out the light, sucks up the water, denies the heat? We all know people who are the opposite of those growth-promoting people. They don't like others to be in the limelight and will do anything to overshadow them, seeking all the attention. They suck you dry instead of watering you. They deny you warmth, turning the cold shoulder when you don't fall in with their plans.

Seek out - and be - growth-promoting people.

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