Friday, 3 August 2018

Writing on the wall

Who will you allow to comment on your wall?

This page wasn't going anywhere, so I painted black all over it and then slapped on a mask and removed some of the paint from around it as it was drying. A shadowy figure emerged and suddenly the page felt like it had some energy about it. My daughter thought it looked like graffiti, and that set me thinking.

Graffiti is 'writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.' Taking a wider definition, people writing about us on social media - on our virtual wall - can be graffiti.

What will you let people say about you? What will you believe if someone else says it about you? Will you let their graffiti stay on your wall, carried around in your head? Who will you allow to define you?

Watch who you let comment on your wall.


  1. That is a stunning evolution of your page, Tracy - both visually and metaphorically. My public presence on social media is limited to the art circles, which are pretty safe in terms of personal attacks, etc. I deliberately steer clear of politics and controversial issues for that reason! It's just art and cute animals for me - and both subjects are pretty safe to share - they make people happy instead of making them angry or confrontational!

    1. Thanks, Zsuzsa. I'm with you on the social media stuff. I have this blog and Instagram, where I post creative stuff, and that's it. But this can be about what you allow people to say about you 'in real life' as well as the virtual. We are so quick to give opinions, aren't we?

  2. This page is a knock-out, Tracy, and you really have me going with considering what and who is writing on my wall. For me it all boils down to being steeped in kindness, so that the writing on the wall returns (in kind, and pun intended). Thanks for this stunning visual.


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