Thursday, 12 February 2015

Art Journal Journey

I started this page with spray paints and flower masks. But then, for some reason, I just wanted to put a face on it. I grabbed the nearest thing I had on my desk, which was a stick of water-soluble graphite. With a postcard for reference, I sketched this face. I don't often do men's faces, and I usually just work out of my head, so this was a bit different and fun to do. The postcard had very strong light and shade patterns which worked well with the medium. Once the lines were in place, I ran a wet paintbrush over them.

The images are incongruous, but I don't care :)

The theme this month over at Art Journal Journey is birds, beasts, and humans, so I shall be linking over there.


  1. Fantastic face and quote dear Tracy! So glad to have you with us again at
    Art Journal Journey!

  2. Wonderful work, thanks so much for linking to Art Journal Journey, Valerie

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  4. chrissies12 February 2015 at 19:11

    This face just wanted to be on the pages Tracy and he looks tough and not be argued with. A wonderful background as well

    Love Chrissie

  5. beautiful creation, a very strong face and a good quote!
    groetjes Karin

  6. Great drawing and quote! LG Ulrike

  7. This face is truly fabulous!! Good job! Love the grey tones.

  8. Excellent strong face! I admire it because I too have difficulty with mens faces!! The whole piece is awesome and powerful!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. This is a wonderful portrait! Love the character in your face :)


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