Tuesday, 26 June 2012


The new art journaling.ning challenge was 'circus' so here is my contribution. The background is actually a bright orange. This looks more red than it is in reality.

The theme made me think about how my life is a bit of a circus sometimes - I feel like the ringmaster, organising lots of things, but also like a juggler, keeping everything up in the air and hoping not to drop any of the balls.

Which circus performer are you?


  1. Great journal spread!!! If I was a circus character it would depend on the day- I am the circus "freak" when I say things like clean your room to my teenagers (they just drop their jaw and look at me dumbfounded). I am the lion tamer when I am cracking the whip and getting everyone to get their homework done, the kitchen cleaned, etc. And I am the trapeze artist when I am swinging between project to project...

  2. Haha! I can relate to that. My husband used to be a magician's assistant and knows all sorts of circus skills such as juggling, fire-eating, and fire-breathing, so sometimes our house feels like a real circus!
    Thanks for popping by.


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