Monday, 18 June 2012



How large does it loom in your life?

The thing to remember about fear is that it throws a long shadow. We manage to let it grow to enormous proportions in our imagination.

But let me tell you something...

If you drag fear fully into the light - so that it is lit from all directions - it doesn't throw a shadow at all. You can look at it as it really is. You'll find that it isn't as big as you thought it was.

When you look at fear in the light of God, it's brought down to size.


  1. Fear is the absence of love.

    Of course, there are ever legit fears (myriad ones I won't list) but the general spirit of fear is a choice one must make. I choose love and hope. It casts out the fear.

  2. In some ways the fear stays there, but we choose to (in my case) do the thing that God is asking me to do in spite of the fear, because I know He will hold my hand all the way through. And if I choose to let fear stop me I will miss out on something marvellous. God is bigger than the fear and I choose to awesomely fear Him instead, if that makes sense.


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