Tuesday, 12 June 2012


For a while now I have been wrestling with God. I know, I know - He's bigger than me and He will always win in the end. But sometimes we need time to come to terms with things and the Lord knows that and allows us to wriggle.

Sometimes we wrestle because there is something He wants us to do that we worry we will fail at.

But sometimes it is success that we are wary of.

Remember, you are unique. If you don't shine with all that you have you are short-changing the world. There are times when God pushes us to do things we are not at all comfortable with because He knows what a difference they will make both to us and to those around us. He wants us to be all He made us to be. So next time He asks you to do something you balk at, remember that it's all right to wrestle and wriggle for a bit... as long as you shine in the end.

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