Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Spikes and vegetables...

First the spikes. Once I'd stamped and stencilled on this page it felt a little spiky, much like the world feels to me at the moment. A few too many prods have meant lots of tears. Do you ever feel like that?

And the vegetables? Well, as I peeled a beetroot last night, the peel fell to the work surface and when I gathered them to throw away, they left a fabulous pattern. Hmmm, I thought, I wonder if that will work on paper? A quick trip to the art room proved that, yes, it does! I just let the peel fall on to the page. I love how there is a pattern like a fingerprint when you look closely.

full page

And some close-ups of the spikes:


  1. I rather like your pattern of stripes, zigzags and stars, and the pretty colours.

  2. Love your happy beet discovery and I know what you mean about life being spiky, too. Isn't it amazing how what's happening in our life can come out on the art journaling page?! Hope things get less spiky & thanks for sharing.


  3. you've inspired me to try some beet juice marking within my own art journal. i'm glad that you had that happy accident and that you were open to the experimentation.
    i also like your spikey shapes . . . but am sorry that this is how you are feeling lately. i too hope that things improve soon.


    1. Beet juice makes a great ink, too - sort of pinky brown.


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