Sunday, 29 September 2013

Journal Fodder 365 - Prompt #19

This prompt is Come out and Play. How often do you let go and just play? With no agenda, no rules, just downright having fun?

I spend time playing in my art room most days and I'm happy to potter about on my own, but I really enjoy have time to play with other artists. There is so much we can learn just watching how others do things, seeing which materials they reach for first, what colour combinations they like. Playing with others can push us to try new things that we might not even think of. How often do you watch someone do something and say to yourself, Huh! I never would have thought to do it like that!

I found a great post here about doing collaborative journal pages. Must give that a go some time :) For now I'm happy to be part of a circle journal/round robin and am looking forward to being inspired by everyone else's work, and hopefully inspiring a little myself.

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  1. This looks as if you have really enjoyed your art-play, lovely colours and patterns. I like the lettering and the flowers.


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