Thursday, 11 December 2014

Circle journal 2015

The circle journal group for 2015 has been sorted and there are nine of us participating this year. I have decided to go with loose pages in a slip case for my journal this year. My theme is journey and this is my own take on it. On the plain side, I have the inner journey (above)

On the other side there is a pocket to hold a sign-in tag. On this side I have done the outer journey. For me this is the trek from the UK to Australia.

And here is the tag. On the reverse I have written a little bit about myself so the other journallers can get to know me a little.

And here is the tag in place.

Now I just need to make the slipcase.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the different takes on the theme of journey, and all the different styles that I know will add beauty and insight to my journal.

Can't wait to work with you, Susan, Susan Jane, Kim, Dawn, Shelby, Shel, Beverley, and Claudia!

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