Sunday, 7 December 2014


How often do we speak in an 'secret knowledge' shorthand? As we are still settling into a new church, I find myself coming up against it again and again. The opportunities for getting things wrong or putting my foot in it - quite innocently - are huge, simply because I don't know the traditions.

It makes me aware of how I communicate to others. It is so easy to use a shorthand that may not always be fully understood. This is OK with those who are close to us and understand it. With others, we need to be clearer and make sure that all parties understand the same thing to have been said or agreed upon.

To begin this page I used a mask of linked circles and gesso. A baby-wipe and some red acrylic made the pattern pop right off the page. The image was so strong, I didn't want to do too much more with it, so a few small, patterned stamps applied through the mask and around it, and some gelli-printed paper, and that was it.

I want to explore this mask and gesso technique a bit more, I think, but with paler colours so I can build up some layers more easily.


  1. Tracy it is a fabulous page, loved the circles, and curious about the acrylic gesso technique, maybe you can tell us more about it. And you are right I hate when people talk like a "code" language and they expect me to read their mind and understand what they want from me. I always say: come on, out with it, throw it into my face, what can happen: I clearly understand you and I answer yes or no, why do we need to make the ball room dancing?

  2. It really is as simple as applying gesso over a mask and then smearing on acrylic with a baby-wipe, Ruth! The pattern emerges like magic.

  3. Very cool artful expression. And I hear ya about the "code" … yet I often discover that folks who default to such communication patterns (speaking in some personal code) are begging to be heard.

  4. very good thoughts rose of Walk in the Woods, yes, maybe some are begging to be heard ")
    Love your red circles Tracy! beautiful marks too!

  5. This page is lovely, and you know how I love red. The text really speaks to me; I often say (usually to my husband :D) that it's a wonder we can ever understand anything since communication is so complex. Even the combination of words and non-verbals are often not enough, so truly, we need to be VERY clear with our words. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Love those circles and all the patterns! I'll have to try that acrylic over gesso technique! I also like how you journal your own thoughts summarizing them in one simple sentence (not just here but on your other pages as well). It makes your journalling more authentic than using quotes.


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