Sunday, 30 November 2014

Growth Spurt

It's only when you go to put on familiar clothes that you realise you've had a growth spurt. Suddenly those clothes are too short in the leg and look slightly silly. You've grown, seemingly overnight, but didn't notice at the time. Of course, you can replace 'clothes' with habits, exercises, familiar pursuits, whatever. You go to do something familiar, and it feels different because you have grown.

And it's a good feeling.

This page started with a few bits of collage from a Chinese dictionary, some perforations from the edge of a page, and a bit of pattern where I cleaned off a stencil with a baby-wipe. The whole page was then coated with gesso.

The green and pink acrylic paints were calling to me, so on they went with a plastic palette knife. Then a bit of yellow at the edge.

I looked through the box of kirigami patterns my daughter has made and picked out a flower. Pasting it at the edge with some gel medium meant that I could cut part off and use it on the other side of the page.

Then it needed a border so I rummaged through the rubber stamps. A bit of orange seemed to be called for, so that was used to fill the border.

A bit of doodling.

Some washi tape from my stash.

And the journalling to finish off. The lines are stamped on.


  1. Love those growth spurts - bring 'em on!

  2. Loved your layers Tracy, very impressive!

  3. Love your page Tracy! I hope the only "growth spurt" I will experience will be my artistic/personal growth and not physical, LOL! I want a Chinese dictionary too!

  4. Love you fun bright page and layers. Growth spurts are great but not in the physical!!!


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