Tuesday, 9 December 2014


The other night I had to get out of bed and journal. I don't think it has ever happened to me quite this way before. As I was lying there, frustrated and restless, a page grew in my head. As I thought about my feelings, the page grew before my eyes. I had to get out of bed and make it come to life.

I take heart from the yellow spilling out through the gaps in the 'containment'.

This is completely unlike my usual process. Usually I potter about with colour and pattern and see where it leads. This page almost made itself and only took about fifteen minutes. Once it was out and on to the paper, I was able to go back to bed and to sleep. The thought-spilling helped!

A few days after the page at the top, this one emerged. The thought kept going round in my head. Where there is no flexibility, the walls have to be smashed to start again.

The thing that struck me was that the crack I made on the page was in white, not black as it would be in reality, even though I had only half an hour before been looking at photos that were of things with cracks in them. I think that subconsciously I am hoping that when the walls are smashed, the light will come through.


  1. LOL, this happens to me all the time. Either in bed or in the shower, requiring me to grab pen and paper, no matter the time, or condition of my dress. There have been wet scrambles across the house right out of the shower - 75,000 words were once written starting with an idea that occurred just like that :D

    Great couple of pages :D I don't comment much, but I always have a look :D

    Best wishes,

  2. I smiled when I read you got out of bed to do a journal page! How many times do we get these ideas and they stop sleep coming! Sound like you're in the middle of a difficult time. Much grace to you! I love your pages and the idea of the white crack - the walls might have been black but as they are smashed the cracks have to be white as the lights pours in. Blessings.

  3. I like the concept of the concrete piece - just smash through and let the light shine - wonderful!

  4. Tracy, how many times I see things in front of my eyes at the middle of the night, in the summer it is also more likely that I will get up and to create, somehow winter goes harder, as it is cold at the night. You are right about the sledgehammer, let the sun come through and that's it!

  5. You are not the only one with that "problem" :) Whenever i'm in restingmood and ready for some sleep, ideas get in my head and i have to work them out before i can get to sleep. Sometimes it is only a sketch i'm doing so i can work it out in the morning. The other time's i have to write them down on paper. But what you are saying about the sledgehamer, it is so true. Sometimes God needs to use it in order to get my brick wall down. Sometime's it hurt, but then later when it is behind me, the sun comes through shining its way. Thanks for sharing.


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