Wednesday, 3 February 2016

29 Faces - day 4

This is not my favourite face. I can see a lot of room for improvement :) However, each time I draw a face I learn how and how not to do it. What I've learned this time is that I need more practice with 3/4 faces.

This one was done with water-soluble graphite. I drew and then activated with water once the drawing was finished. I'm trying to just go with it and not erase any lines, so you can see where I changed the line in places. The proportions here aren't the best, and the eyes don't match. I also managed to make a blob at the edge of the mouth which I then rested my hand in and transferred to the nose. It's a good job it's only my journal!

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  1. I think she is beautiful. Every time we draw, hopefully, we learn how to improve.


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