Sunday, 17 April 2016

The beauty of autumn

Although the autumn here in Adelaide doesn't produce the wide-range leaf colour change that happens in the UK, there are pockets of deciduous trees which produce a mini autumn landscape more like the one that I'm used to. Stirling, a small town up in the Adelaide hills, has a large number of maple trees, so the autumn season produces some beautiful red leaves. We were there the other day, calling in to Red Cacao for a hot chocolate and Matilda, the independent book shop.

I picked up a couple of the fallen leaves as they are such a gorgeous colour, and decided to stick them in my journal. I thought about how, when the trees lose their leaves, they let go of any toxins with them.

Who would have thought that letting go of those things that build up and, if not let go of, start to poison, could produce something so beautiful?

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