Thursday, 21 April 2016

The girl with the rainbow in her hair

I have been taking those first tentative steps of moving my art out of a journal and on to independent pieces. Those of you who have started on this journey will understand the tentativeness. Really, it is ridiculous - I am doing exactly what I do in my journal, just outside of a book form.

So why does doing a piece of art on a 'canvas' feel different?

Is it that working on a canvas 'makes' you an artist?

Of course, it doesn't. I was an artist before. It's just that my journal work won't hang on a wall where it can be easily seen. Maybe this piece will. And if it does, it is open to scrutiny, to judgement, to opinion.

When we move from journal to canvas, we make ourselves vulnerable.

I shall be sharing this at Paint Party Friday, where lots of us will be making ourselves vulnerable together :)


  1. Absolutely wonderful. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. I'm glad you decided to paint this outside of your journal as it is simply beautiful. I love the texture and colours.

  3. Great,I like most the fabulous texture you managed to paint.
    Happy PPF ❤

  4. Your painting is strikingly beautiful! Yes, it definitely is for hanging on the wall. I did opposite from you. I have always painted on canvas or watercolor paper and am trying hard to learn to do journals, but without a whole lot of success.

  5. She's beautiful!!

    You know you can always tear pages from your art journal, mat and frame them and hang them on the wall!

    I like the feel of painting on canvases but often it is easier to use my AJ. It can give me ideas for a canvas painting - which usually turns out much nicer than the AJ version...

  6. She is gorgeous, Tracy!

    One advantage of canvas is that you can layer to your heart's content as it will take more punishment than paper.

    Lovely colourwork and texture in this. And it is great to see you over at Paint Party Friday :D

    Best wishes,

  7. What a lovely piece, Tracy, and congratulations on stepping off the page and onto the canvas - the whole world awaits!

  8. The detail you've put into this is extraordinary. I love the lights in her eyes. Just lovely.

  9. I understand your feelings about being vulnerable. Your art is truly stunning!

  10. Beautiful work! Paint party friday is seriously the safest place to be vulnerable. Yes the canvas does make up vulnerable...but we must do what we must do!! Let your artists soul shine!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. I'd say your fear was unjustified! :)

  12. Wonderful project! Love the textures in her hair! Beautiful!


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