Sunday, 11 December 2016

An intentional Advent

We can wait passively, growing weary, becoming stagnant.

But Advent is about waiting intentionally.

We are not just passing time; we are getting ready. Getting ready requires preparation.

A tree in winter can look dead. It's waiting for spring, for favourable weather. But a tree in winter is anything but passive. It isn't just sitting there and waiting. Before it threw away its leaves, the tree drew back in everything that would be useful and left only the toxins and waste to fall away. Part of preparation is getting rid of things that are hindering. But the tree is also pulling in everything it's going to need to burst into new growth as soon as the weather warms up. It is resting but building up energy reserves as well.

The yellow circles on this page stand for networks. We can intentionally build networks while we wait. Just because you're waiting doesn't mean you can't learn from others, that you should withdraw and wait alone. Waiting doesn't have to be a solo sport. Waiting in community builds us all up as we encourage one another, celebrating each other's victories, whether large or small.

Practice intentional waiting.

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