Sunday, 4 December 2016

Wait peacefully

Here we are in the second week in Advent, and I'm continuing to contemplate what waiting should look like. 

Wait peacefully.

What does that mean? Well, don't be anxious in the waiting. Don't be fretful or worried. Wait in the quiet assurance that all is in hand, that the time will come for action and you'll recognise it when it comes. I know that this is so, because I've been in a waiting room before, and then I was up and down, constantly looking down the track for the train, even though it wasn't near the time for its arrival. This time, I find that I am waiting with much more peace.

This time I remembered to take some shots of the page in progress. I started with collage, gesso, and a bit of spray through a stencil:

A splash of colour applied with a colour-shaper (a 'brush' made of a solid wedge of rubber):

Yellow ink applied with a baby-wipe:

A bit of stencilling:

More collage:

Washi tape and some water-soluble graphite activated with water:

Some stamped leaves:

Leaves filled in with paint and joined with some dark grey paint:

A bit of doodling and some blobs of paint applied with a gelli-plate. And now the page is ready for journalling, as seen above:

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