Sunday, 18 December 2016

Waiting in readiness

And so we enter the final week of Advent, the time of waiting.

It's easy to slack off when we are waiting. It's easy to get pulled into something else that sucks up all your attention so that, when the time comes, you're not ready.

Or maybe you're tired, so you fall asleep, so that when the time comes, you have to run around collecting whatever is needed.

But we need to wait in readiness. Like a pregnant woman whose time is near, we should have a bag packed and ready at the door.

It doesn't mean that we don't do anything else while we wait, just that when the time comes, we are able to drop everything that isn't necessary and be ready to go.

Wait expectantly. Wait patiently. Wait peacefully. And wait in readiness.

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  1. Love this reminder, Tracy...the readiness is what makes the waiting active, and gives hope for the results.


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