Saturday, 22 July 2017


This page started up in the right hand corner with a piece of National Geographic paper that had been treated with Citra-solv (part of a swap package I received a couple of years ago). I loved the icy look of it and followed through with the blues and greys, just having fun making marks, adding gelli-printed greaseproof paper.

I kept thinking about icebergs and how so much of them is hidden below the surface of the water. It is much the same with life. What we can see is only a little of what is actually going on.

If I see a parent losing it when a child throws a tantrum, I haven't seen that they've been up all night with a sick baby.

When I see someone drunk at 9 in the morning, I don't know that they've lost someone they love and don't know any other way to dull the pain.

Even when I talk with someone, I only see a small amount of what is happening in their life. I see and hear what they choose to share.

There are hidden depths in lives, including our own, so let's not judge. Let's think about he hidden possibilities and show compassion.

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  1. Hidden depths indeed! I love this page, and the contrasting pink that warms those depths...lovely page!


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