Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Ties that bind

It's not always easy to live on the other side of the world from your family. Obviously, I have my husband and daughter here with me and that makes it home. But extended family and the majority of our friends are many time zones away. When people we love are going through hard things, waiting for test results, losing family members, it's really hard to be so far away. We can't turn up on the doorstep with a meal, a hug, an offer of help. We do what we can - we pray, we reach out by phone, text, email, send a card - to let them know that they are in our thoughts.

Just feeling a long way away today.

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  1. Wowza - that blood red against the blue is a knockout, Tracy!!! The ties that bind are obviously having great impact in this post. xo


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