Sunday, 16 July 2017


As with most of my journal pages, I didn't have any idea where this was going. I just had fun with drips and colour, giving in to any whims that popped into my head about what to do next.

It sat for a little while before the plants arrived. The page felt like it needed something growing on it. Once the little plants were there, they looked a bit unstable, so I added tendrils like you find on climbers. There was no end result I was looking for, just the whim to draw them in.

Then I stood back. What was this page saying to me?

Things are a little up in the air for me at the moment as I look for a new direction. Home-schooling is done and I'm putting out feelers to see what might be next. Half a year has gone by and I'm still waiting. I'm just like those little plants - a few leaves have grown, but I'm a bit wobbly. I've been in similar places before and trust that I'll get through again, because the framework I'm holding on to is faith and trust that He sees and knows and has it all in hand.

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  1. Oh that solid red line is definitely saying something - it's truly grounded, and I'm curious to see what's next for you! Beautifully done, Tracy!


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