Sunday, 9 July 2017

High-rise worries

It's been a little while since I pulled out my Brinno time-lapse camera. It's fun to watch your own process sometimes. One of the things I find challenging about doing these vids is that all the time-lapse work is done in-camera, so I have to do the page in one hit. This means that I can't wait for things to dry, wander off and take the washing out of the machine, or anything like that. I don't usually have a plan for a page unless there's something specific I want to get down, so I have to make decisions more quickly when I make a video. I don't have time to ponder or weigh things up over a couple of days as I would usually do. 

That said, a challenge is always an opportunity for growth. I learn things - like not trying to write over wet paint, not to put my hand down on a piece I have just applied wet media to, and to remember that colours will mix more when they're wet!

I had meant to do more of these little vids this year. Maybe I'll do better from now to December :) 

And some close-ups. In this first one you can see where I was trying to write and the paint was still wet. Never mind.

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