Thursday, 26 October 2017


A wrapped gift can be anything you imagine.

While it stays in the wrappings it is perfect, because you can't be sure what it is. It hasn't had the chance to be a disappointment. You haven't become frustrated trying to make it work. You haven't had the chance to be bored by it. You can imagine doing great things with it, being a 'success', that it will change your life.

A gift will stay that way - a perfect dream - unless you unwrap it.

When you unwrap a gift, you take the chance that it's not what you were expecting, not what you wanted, not what you dreamed of. It may be something that takes a lot of hard work to master.

Will you take the chance? Will you open the gift so that it can be used?

Or will you leave it in the wrapping - perfect but useless?


  1. A beautiful gift, perfectly wrapped. Your gorgeous art makes me want to open it straight away :D)

  2. Love the symbolism behind your thinking! In many ways, it's the same as having choices in life and the dreams that come with those choices - but once you've chosen, that's it - you have to live the reality of your choice (which we know is never perfect) and let go of the dreams that would have come with the other choices. Love all that meaning in your page as always, Tracy!

  3. You have such a beautiful gift, Tracy - every time. Thanks for sharing it so openly!


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