Tuesday, 13 February 2018

On the threshold

For me this page feels like it's full of excitement, but there is also some mystery in there. It wasn't going the way I wanted for a while, but then it blossomed and I'm really happy with it now. I love the mix of colours and the feeling of movement.

I have to admit that it wasn't deliberate - I usually work intuitively, just going with what I feel like doing. This page is a good visual of where I'm at internally because there is excitement and there is mystery as we head back to the UK at the end of the month. My husband is a vicar and we have a new church to go and serve, so there's excitement. There is a house that comes with the post, but we haven't seen it, so there's the mystery.

We will still be in transition until May, when the shipping container with all our belongings arrives. There is excitement and mystery in that, too. Being without all your usual stuff makes you appreciate it when you get it back.

What would you find it difficult to live without for a couple of months?


  1. Gosh, beautiful page, Tracy! I would find it most difficult to live without art supplies...or my laptop. Praying the journey and transition will be a smooth one. :)

  2. Oh you are Anglican? I'm Episcopal all my life. I also have English ancestors in my dad's line from Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire. I would hate to be without my computers and internet and iPhone and art supplies. Everything else can be forgotten for awhile, haha. xoxo

  3. I'm so excited for you, Tracy, and this is a wonderful visual for the mystery and excitement upcoming in the move. For me, it would be the art supplies I'd struggle being without - two months? Good grief!!! xo


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