Monday, 15 July 2013

Journal Fodder 365 - Prompt #8

'Routines' was the prompt for this week.

The nature of the questions asked within the prompt has led to this being a wordy page. They are along the lines of 'how do you keep up with the ordinary things in life that need to be done?' and 'how do you keep yourself organised?' 

They led me to think about the shape of my routines and the headings daily, weekly, annually immediately came to mind. But some of the questions were about hopes and dreams, so hopefully became my final heading. 

Being forced to actually think about what I generally do without thinking was quite fun. My day and week have a fairly structured shape with room for manoeuvre within that framework. There are some things that aren't negotiable - without them I don't function well. Those are also the things that will - hopefully - help me to accomplish my dreams. 

I'm not thrilled with this page, although I like the bright stars. They're post-it notes that I used as masks on my gelatine plate

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  1. I love the stars! Great idea! I never thought of using post-its on the gelli plate. Seems as if it is art twice!


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