Friday, 19 July 2013

Wandering and wondering

Just having some fun with bright colours and no agenda. A bit of collage, some gesso, and then acrylics scraped on with a plastic card. Then some tape and circles, a bit of moulding paste for the flowers. Some stamping, a tag, and even some embossing powder, which I haven't played with in an age.

But what about the journalling? The page sat for several days at different stages on my desk. 

Then I looked at the woman's face and for some reason it made me think of Alice in Wonderland. She looks slightly puzzled. As if things are not as she expected them to be. That sent me to 'wondering' and 'wandering'.

I thought about all the amazing things in this world that we miss; that we fail to wonder about or be in wonder about; that pass uncommented and unseen. In our house we have a telescope so we can gaze in wonder at the vastness of the heavens. We also have a microscope so we can look at the beauty found in the smallest of things - a dead beetle, a flower, a feather, a grain of sand. If you've ever looked at a pinch of sand under a microscope you'll know that it looks like a pile of jewels - a myriad of colours all shining like crystals. And we usually just walk on it.

There is a whole world of wonderful things out there. Pause a while and take the time to gaze at some of them today.


  1. Blue and orange always make my soul sing. Your page is no exception and I love wandering and wondering too!

  2. A beautiful page and a great reminder to slow down and enjoy...

  3. I believe you captured the feeling of wonder most definitely. Blessings!

  4. Really eye catching and stunning collage!


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