Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My creative space

Today I thought it might be fun to do a tour of my art room, so be warned, this is a photo-heavy post!

Here are the drawer units where I store bits of coloured paper. You know how it is when you've cut into a sheet of paper so you don't want to store it with the full sheets because you'll only pull it out and find a corner missing? Well, those bits and pieces I store, colour-coded, in these drawers.

These shelves hold my journals in progress, books for altering, camera equipment, and you can just see my trampoline off to the right and weights on the top shelf. I use my art room as an exercise space as well.

These drawers hold all sorts of things from stamps to stencils to glue and tapes. As you can see, the drawers are labelled so I don't have to spend too much time looking for things. 

This is the bookcase where I keep most of my art and craft library. The crates at the top hold threads, sewing equipment, Hama beads, and old shirts to wear when things are going to get really messy. Also on this shelf a guillotine.

Next to the bookshelf is my much-coveted filing cabinet. This was a fabulous find of my husband's. The drawers are just the right depth to hold ink bottles, embossing powder, ink pads, punches, texture plates, and all those lovely things. I also use these drawers to store leather for book-covers and bags, paper, metal foil, moulds, tools such as brayers, bubble-wrap. A miscellany, really.

This is my desk where there are two work-stations set up. The one on the right is where I do my morning journalling, Bible study, and prayer. The one on the left holds my laptop, so that's where I do my blogging from, writing materials for retreats, children's stories etc. 

This is a vestry cabinet with an MDF top on it. You might notice a lip on the left side. This is to attach a bench pin for doing jewellery. You can see the pin lying on the desk along with a couple of blowtorches and a heatproof mat. This is where I do my 'other' journalling, the pages I publish on this blog. I don't share my morning journal - that's my private prayer journal. 

This is a close-up of the basket at the back left of the picture above. It holds books in other languages, music books, and graphic novels that I use for collage. On top you can see a pack of baby-wipes for applying paint.

This storage unit holds jewellery tools. Here you can see a doming block and a saw.

A drawer full of tapes.

Part of my alphabet collection.

This is what is on the shelf above my morning journal desk. These are the things I use a lot: gesso, PVA, gel medium, scissors, Copics, water spray. There is also a small tray with shells. I like to look at the colours and shapes for inspiration.

These boxes sit between my two desk work-stations. They hold paints, stamps, scissors, post-it notes, and memory sticks. 

So there you go - a tour around my creative space. I am so blessed to have a space where I can just leave everything out, get messy, lock myself away, and just have fun.

How do you store your materials?

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  1. Thanks a lot fot this tour around your prayer-art-sports-centre, Tracy!
    It helped me a bit to find out, what I could need to sort a little bit the mess I have right now. And I only started doing art. But there is already a lot of stuff to take care about and I didn't know how. So this really helped me!


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