Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Circle journal

Well, the end of September saw the first posting out of all the journals in the circle journal/round robin. And we've had our first casualty - a journal that lost its way between Canada and Australia :(

Nevertheless, we are soldiering on, having come up with a solution, so here is my take on the doors and windows theme. We each have two goes in each journal and each journal has a different theme.

The door on the left is a postcard of artwork by Kim Nelson. The door on the right may be familiar to some of you from a previous post. It is from Wakehurst Place in West Sussex, UK. This is a transfer of the photo using transfer artist paper. I did some journalling under the postcard.

My second take on the theme I wanted to do something on windows, having done doors. The phrase kept going through my head so I went with it. When I'd painted the face I felt there was something missing - the eyes weren't highlighted enough, so I put a 'window' around them. 

This journal will be travelling to Monique in the Netherlands next. 

I will be linking with Artists in Blogland (button in the sidebar) for their new Scavenger Hunt Challenge which is also doors and windows.


  1. Beautiful pages and it sounds like a great idea.

    Love Chrissie x

  2. What a wonderful idea the window to the soul!
    For Round Robin I hope that the journal had just decided to take a circuit.and will show up soon.

  3. Both very inventive interpretations of the theme. I like the way you have highlighted the doors and linked them to make a cohesive image and added areas of interest - I love this doors one. And I too like the idea of the window around the eyes to highlight them as the windows to the soul.


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