Sunday, 13 October 2013

Journal Fodder 365 - Prompt #21

This prompt was Connections, Misconnections, Disconnections. 

I connected, misconnected, and disconnected with this page as I made it :)
It looked very different when I finished it the first time. And I really was not pleased with it. So much so that I gelli-printed over the top of the whole thing and started again. I'm more pleased with it now, but still not loving it.

Those things and people that we connect, mis-connect, or disconnect with or from all have an effect on us. There are some people we just don't 'click' with. For some reason we never quite connect. We're just not on the same wavelength. We may interact with those people but it is only ever on a very shallow, passing level.

Other people are in our lives for a while, but then, for whatever reason, we disconnect. But they leave their mark for good or ill. 

Then there are those people we connect with. We share our lives and have a big impact on each other. We celebrate together. We grieve together. We encourage and rebuke as necessary. And we need those people.

Life is shaped by connections, mis-connections, and disconnections 


  1. A wonderful post and all so true. Well illustrated with your terrific pages

    Chrissie x

  2. WOW,This pages are Beautiful,Love the colors and the words,so true.

    XXX Jeannette


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