Thursday, 7 November 2013

Circle Journal - Jessica's Journal 1st spread

A couple of days ago a parcel arrived for me from California. It was such a treat, especially as I was washing a double sleeping-bag, grape-treading style in the bath at the time. What a great reward to open up the box and find Jessica's journal:

So, how could I explore the inner and outer? 

My first thought took me to anatomical diagrams from my studies. I wanted to look at the inner on a literal level visually, hence the heart.

Then I thought about the blood flow - in and out, just like inner and outer that I was exploring. Inspiration in, creativity out. The inner and outer are inextricably linked when we create. We are showing the world a little bit of our inner selves. 

I drew the heart diagram on to tissue paper and then stuck it down with gel medium just to be sure I didn't mess up :)


  1. great idea, and some great art

  2. Wonderful ideas and artwork

    Love Chrissie x

  3. Love the heart. I tend to sometimes look on a literal level too. And being biologist, the heart is a great image.

  4. your creativity makes me want to be a better person thank you so much for all you do keep going you delightful grace filled woman of God


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