Sunday, 3 November 2013

Journal Fodder 365 - Prompt #24

The prompt for this week is inner connections. How can we connect with others if we don't connect with ourselves? How do you connect with yourself in a world full of distractions?

For me this has to start with connecting with God. If I don't connect with the one who made me, how can I know who I am and who I was made to be?

I make sure to have a time of quiet every morning where I can read, reflect, pray, and learn. I need to know how I react to things, how I can put myself in another's shoes, where I need to change and grow.

Inner connections are very important to me especially with my introverted temperament. I spend a lot of time in contemplation, just working things out in my mind and processing new information, fitting new things in with previous experiences. If I don't understand myself and where I fit, I feel confused and uncomfortable.

When I am comfortable with who I am, when I understand myself, I can bring everything that I am to a situation and serve in my best capacity.


  1. Wonderful post to go with the stunning artwork

    At almost 72 years old I think I almost know myself but some times I am not so sure.

    Love Chrissie x

  2. Wonderful page and wonderful thoughts. I am an introvert myself, though I'm only just learning that about me. Funy huh, how can still learn new things. It amazes me.
    xx Monique

  3. Lovely pages and good thoughts to go with it!

  4. Wonderful page Tracy...I love the handwriting and the Fleur de Lis :) Thank you for that beautiful reminder to go a bit quiet from time to time :) Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!! Of course you are in the lotterypot so win a free place in the SOULFOOD Class ♥ Good luck :) ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  5. Wow! I really love your thoughts! And all the symbols.... they apply so well to the theme. Wonderful!


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