Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Art Journal Journey

This page started out with brayer rollings from loading the gelli-plate for the previous post. There ended up being quite a bit of black on the page - not something I usually do unless I'm going for a completely black background. It definitely needed some lightness to balance it, which reminded me that Art Journal Journey's theme this month is dark and light. 

So I got to thinking. And a few things have happened recently that made me wish that I was one of those people who can think on their feet. Unfortunately I'm just not like that. It takes me time to process, for the light to go on in my head and realise what I've heard or seen, and what I should have said or done. I'm the one for whom the witty retort comes a couple of days later, who lives with the regret that the darkness isn't illuminated that little bit quicker.

So how about you? Are you able to think on your feet? 


  1. Great page! I like the contrasts, makes it more vibrant. What kind of thinker I am? No preferences, it depends on the situation, sometimes you have to be quick, sometimes there is time enough to think about complex problems.

  2. Terrific pages! great colors and textures...and as for 'thinking on my feet' witty 'comeback' usually occurs to me two days later! =)

  3. Wonderful page and I love lthe lightbul. No, I don't think on my feet, the witty retort comes later for me too :)

  4. wonderful page - so much going on here.. fascinating depth Tracy.
    Thank you very much for this great entry!
    I don't know.. I am no fool - and something I am very proud of is --- that I have the gift of the gab.

    I heard often that I have the natural wit...

    but I have something negative too .
    I cannot help to think think think about problems.. and this sometimes makes me nervous and bitterly unhappy ...

    nobody is perfect .... I say to myself....

    Very Merry Christmas dear Tracy



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