Thursday, 12 December 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

I normally like to post Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but this week I haven't done a lot of journalling. I haven't even looked at the next Journal Fodder 365 prompt which I should be posting on Monday.

So what have I been doing instead? (Because you know that I have to have been doing something creative.) Well, at the Christmas Eve church service my husband likes to give away a gift bag. One year we had 'Advent in a Box' which was a Chinese takeaway cardboard box with a whole bunch of lovely things in it that you could use to tell the Christmas story. This involved me cooking 400 cookies in the week before Christmas when my cooker broke down…

This year the Christmas decorations above will form part of the giveaway (they have since been given loops of silver thread to hang them on the tree) and I'll be using the hand-cut stencil below to decorate the bags.

Keeping in mind that there are 100 bags and (so far) 6 different items to design/make/fold or whatever, you can see that I've been pretty busy! 

What special crafts have you been doing this Christmas?


  1. What a lovely idea. The decorations are really effective. Did you hand cut the stencil yourself? My Christmas crafting has been much easier than yours! I've just made the Christmas cards and also a little concertina book based on the 23rd psalm for my mum-in-law.

    1. Yes, Susan Carol, I did :) I arranged everything on the computer, printed it off and then cut it. And I can tell you now that with only a little masking tape reinforcement on the thinnest parts, it stood up to 100 uses.


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