Monday, 16 December 2013

Gelli-print party - December

In the midst of Christmas preparations I needed a break. As the weather heats up I need something new to clip my hair up with. I have a drawer full of leather in my filing cabinet so decided to make a hair clip with that. 

I wasn't that excited about the colour of the leather - a pale yellowish pink - so I went to the gelli-plate to jazz it up a bit. Now all I need is something to go through the holes...

Now I'm off to join Carolyn's gelli-print party.


  1. Love this!!! What a great idea!!!

  2. Wow! Never thought you could do that! Patsy from

  3. What a great idea for recycle, reuse, redo. Try using a chopstick through the holes. You could even put the ends through the pencil sharpener if you or needed pointed ends. Love your new and improved hair piece.

    1. I thought about a chopstick, but a paintbrush was closer to hand :)

  4. O wow! That's brilliant! I bet it looks really good on.

  5. Absolutely wonderful way to use the Gelli Plate! So glad you shared this with the party!

  6. Beautiful Gelli plate print, love the design and colours. Thanks for stopping in at my blog :)


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