Sunday, 15 December 2013

Journal Fodder 365 - Prompt #30

This prompt was daydreams. Something I haven't had much time for just lately with all the Christmas preparations. So this page was thrown together in short order - a bit of collage, some stamping, a little washi tape, and done.

As a clergy family we are given a house to live in. We are very grateful for that… but it isn't one of our own choosing. In my daydreams I design a home that would have all the space we desire to do everything we love doing. With our home also being our workspace, it is fun to let the imagination run and design something that fulfils all our requirements.

It is fun to dream...


  1. It's a lovely page with a beautiful dream home. It's nice to daydream about such things. A lovely, colourful page!

  2. I dream of an art room with shelves from top to bottom.
    A BIG sink in the art room.
    A computer that is near, but not too near, my art table.
    I could go on and on....

  3. This is a fun page and fun topic - I have daydreams of more space too.


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