Sunday, 29 December 2013

Journal Fodder 365 - Prompt #32

The final prompt in this chapter about dreaming and visioning is Visions of Myself.

I look at the prompt now and wonder how I got to where I ended up with this page! Then I go back to the questions that go with the prompt. The part that led to this page goes like this:
We have a clear picture in our minds of ourselves, but unfortunately that picture is often distorted by self-talk, doubts, fears and personal mythologies. Interrogate these visions of yourself to see if they hold up to scrutiny. Stop getting in your own way, and start visualising yourself living the life you dream about.
How often do we get in our own way? We talk ourselves out of our dreams; pussy-foot around, worried about failing; underestimate what we are capable of.

But I am coming to realise this: it is better to try and fail than to fail to try.

Where are you going to get out of  your own way this year?


  1. A wonderful prompt with true words. I always love to read your thoughts, Tracy!

  2. This is very thought provoking so I will sit down and have a good think to see where I need to get out of my own way! Love the page too.

  3. I truly love this post. Your page is great! Such a great reminder!!

  4. Very inspirational artwork and love the mix of texture and color! Great message too!

  5. I have so many ways I want to get out of my own way. Perhaps that is why my word of 2014 is BOLD. I need to be bold so I can gracefully step (or stumble) out of my own way... so I don't get tangled up and wake up to find myself in November wondering where the year went, anyway?


    I enjoy both your page and your insights, Perfect place to visit today thanks to Creative Every Day!


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