Sunday, 23 February 2014

29 Faces - day 24

An accidental zombie! I wanted to use some different colours today. The greys were looking OK until I added the lips and hair. Then she looked kinda… dead. My daughter said that she looks like a doctor with that blue hat. I'm sure the woman from the photo I used for reference wouldn't recognise herself :) I'm pleased with the eyes, though. I can see definite improvement.

And I'm still keeping up with Journal Fodder 365. Prompt no. 40 is meditation.

I started the page without any real idea of where it was going to go. The stencilled flowers took over and I was left with a small space to write. It made me think of how important it is to push away the world to make a space for ourselves in the busyness of everyday life; to take a few moments to meditate on what is important. It brings back balance and perspective.


  1. I like all the colors and patterns you have in your flowers.

  2. I like the eyes and your pretty flowers too!


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