Monday, 17 February 2014

29 Faces - face #18

Face #18 - and the end is almost in sight! 

A pencil sketch today. Not a ten minute one as some seem able to pull out of the hat with a flourish. No, this took a little longer. I can see improvement in my technique, though. This challenge is definitely stretching me :)


  1. wow you are doing well No 18, great sketch Tracy. Annette

  2. I have looked right back through all your faces Tracy and wish I could comment on them all. I specially like the collage with the Photoshopping, as you say it would make a good print. It makes a pretty good face for the challenge too. I love 17 and 18, and think your technique is really ggod. Thank you for your comment. I hope I'll find a chance to return, I'll do my best to see what else in your varied output you are doing.

  3. Brilliant sketch. Just a few lines but they are all the face needed!


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