Saturday, 8 February 2014

29 faces - day 9

Today I've returned to Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists by Carla Sonheim. This is an exercise where you draw a face from life or a photo using a permanent marker and your non-dominant hand. 

As soon as I put a pen in my left hand my brain starts to laugh. I'm sure it's saying, 'What do you think you're doing? You're going to try to draw with that hand?' Which I think is the point. The expectations are lower and somehow the results work. This is a simple line drawing, but somehow it feels more like a real drawing than the first few faces. 

Have you ever tried drawing with your non-dominant hand? I recommend it as a fun exercise. 

And if you haven't looked at the other participants' faces, I can recommend T Martin's monoprints and upside-down drawings (#87), Mimi Boothby's beautifully drawn famous characters (#29), Anne Terkelsen's luminous portrait of Tom Petty (#143), and Terri Stegmiller's lovely colourful faces on patterned backgrounds (#60). 


  1. No not for me the less dominant hand, have enough trouble with the dominant one............ I like the way you have woven the face into bright background. Annette x

  2. I drew my portrait once, with my left hand! The lines were very shaky, but it looked kind of cute, like a child's drawing! I love your face entwined with the stamped images.


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