Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Back home

My journal has been around the world and has now returned home! It is full of loveliness, so prepare yourself for a photo-heavy post. I'll share the pages here and some thoughts on hosting a round robin/circle journal in my next post. 

Thank you so much Jessica, Monique, Susan Jane, Beate, Gayle, and Lee for joining me on this arty adventure!

There are a few spreads still blank. If you would like to contribute with your own thoughts of home, I'd be happy to do a swap. Just email me at tracywoodsford@gmail.com

And the sign-in tags:


  1. Lovely spreads, you are so lucky Tracy!

  2. Beautiful!!!! What a wonderful journal to have.

  3. wow, what a fab book. I will be watching out for your next post because I'm curious on how you organized this

  4. OMG - I'm totally laughing about "what Dorothy wore, what she wished she wore" - that's a scream! So fun, thanks for sharing!!!


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