Sunday, 6 July 2014

Feeling thankful

You might have noticed that my latest pages have held some uncertainty and a hint of moving on. Well, a few weeks ago we found out that we needed to move out of the house we are currently in. It belongs to another church and they have just appointed a new minister and need the house. That, along with a few other factors, meant that we started to look at what the future might hold for us. Was it time to move on rather than just move house?

As an introvert, I don't deal well with uncertainty and change. The past few weeks have not been easy.

However, the Lord is merciful, and He blew a door wide open for us. In the space of a couple of weeks  we went from uncertainty to a new post with a new home that ticks all the boxes for us and much more. So, come September, we will be moving on. Not far - just across to the other side of the city - but we are hoping and praying to finish well where we are and prepare for a new adventure.

I am linking this post with Art Journal Journey (see the badge in the sidebar) where the subject for this month is flowers.


  1. What a wonderful page! Oh I can feel with you!
    The very best and power for your removal Tracy!
    Thank you for another fab page for Art Journal Journey!

  2. Fabulous page for AJJ Tracy! Yes, trust in Him and the doors will be open and things will work out. Best wishes on your move.

  3. Lovely page and flower. I'm so pleased that things have worked out so well for you, Tracy. God is so good. Blessings on your new adventure :)

  4. I really love this page with this amazing background.


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