Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Planting good stuff

I spent a little time this morning clearing weeds from the small bed that runs down the fence-line at the side of the house. This is something I have to do on a regular basis, because there is no deliberate planting in it. I like to grow things I can eat, but because of car fumes I haven't planted anything in that bed.

As I cleared it of the myriad of weeds I thought about how, when we get rid of bad habits, we need to replace them with good ones, rather than leaving a space. If we leave a space, anything can move in. We have to be deliberate about planting something else in the space to keep out the stuff we don't want.  If I planted some flowers in that bed, yes, I would still have to do some weeding, but there would be a lot less of it because there would be less space for things to grow in.

So deliberately plant some flowers in your life to keep out the weeds.


  1. That is just AWESOME Tracy!
    Than you for sharing with us at Art Journal Journey!

  2. Amazing page Tracy, loved the idea that your journaling is in the middle of the flower!

  3. Love your huge flower. Its so true that we need to fill our lives with good things so the bad doesn't have room to grow.

  4. Beautiful work and what wise advice! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say HELLO! : )

  5. Wow,this its amazing,Love it

    XXX Jeannette

  6. I will always endeavour to be the best good i can be for you


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