Saturday, 8 November 2014

Fun with washing up liquid

After spending quite a few hours typing info into my computer (11,000 words) I needed an art break. Just something easy, not requiring any brain engagement. So I pulled out the washing up liquid, some acrylic inks and a stack of glossy paper (coated glossy paper for digital colour laser printing, 125gsm).

Mix roughly equal amounts of water and washing up liquid. Squirt in some colour and simply paint with a fairly wide brush.

The pattern produced depends on the strokes you make. The blue is done with straight strokes across the page.

This orange and brown one is done by dipping the brush into alternating colours.

On this one you can see the angled strokes that give a different pattern.

The amount of water you add to the mix makes a difference to the size of dots produced. The more you work into the paint, the smaller the dots become.

I like the randomness of the results. As a break from typing, this worked very well :)

And here are all the papers together. They curl up at first, but flatten out as they dry. Why not give it a try?


  1. That's a great technique Tracy, tell me the washing up liquid is it actually a regular dishwasher liquid? I love that drop looking texture.

  2. Hi Ruth. It's the liquid you use to wash up your crockery and cutlery by hand, not in a dishwasher (just trying to be precise. It's difficult with all the different names for it in different countries). Also known as dishwashing detergent, I think. I don't know if the liquid you use in a dishwasher would work in the same way - haven't tried :)

  3. This looks like so simple and fun to do and I love the effect, am definitely going to try this! Excellent art break :)

  4. Wow, tracy! Never heard of this technique. Great backgrounds!


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