Sunday, 16 November 2014


It seems to me that wherever there is communication, there is the possibility of miscommunication. No matter how clear you think you are being, there is still the chance of your words being misconstrued.

It is the chance we take if we want to live in community with others.

And where there is community, there is also the chance for forgiveness and reconciliation.

Don't let miscommunication be the end of the story.


  1. Tracy, your circles amaze me again, you make just the perfect collages with them, and of course it is lovely to see that perfect texture, that you created the last time with dishwasher liquid and acrylic, in action.

  2. How true is this and how important as you say to forgive and be reconciled. What an amazing page, so much interest everywhere, love the pink circles.

  3. Very true words and ones I needed to read today- thank you!
    And btw, the page is fantastic!


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