Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Why compare?

I hear and read a lot of comparisons. As women we often compare ourselves with others and their achievements. As artists even more so. And how often is that comparison unfavourable?

There are the people who say they can't draw, when really what they mean is that they don't like the way they draw or the results - especially when compared with someone else's efforts. That is a whole different thing. Everyone can draw, but we have to learn to love our own style.

This can take years.

But it is worth the effort. Because once you are content with your own style, you can enjoy what you create, and what others create, and look at each on its own merits. You wouldn't compare a circle with a square. They each have their own pleasing qualities and yet are completely different from each other.

I am unique. I cannot be compared with anyone else.

And neither can you.

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  1. Bless you for this, Tracy, it is just so true and causes us so much grief and damage when we compare ourselves. Your comment that when we say we can't draw it means we don't like how we draw really spoke to me. I'm going to be brave and show the first face I've drawn! Love your page as always and I think your blue circles are made from the washing up liquid session, am I right? You are such an encouraging blogger and artist x


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