Sunday, 23 November 2014

I am an artist!

I thought I hadn't done a step-out set of photos for ages, so here goes. It's fun to look back and see how something came together because you don't always remember. This is a simple page - it's just what happened :)

A bit of collage - a large piece of the paper I made last week with spray inks, some circles from a Chinese dictionary, and a bit of gesso applied with bubble-wrap.

Acrylic paint applied with a baby-wipe brings out the gesso pattern.

Simple outline applied through a stencil. The shadow is done with water-soluble graphite. I was a bit heavy-handed with a couple of them. The different papers reacted differently so the dark bit at the top couldn't be removed. Never mind.

A little bit of border on one side.

The stencil reminded me of flags, hence the words.

But which colours am I nailing up? Then it came to me - claim the name of artist and don't be embarrassed by it!

The letters needed a bit of outlining and some extra colour.

And here are some details:


  1. Love the layers, the colour and the sentiment - well done!

  2. Tracy, till now I was in love with your circles, now I am falling in love with your triangles, wonderful colours and an amazingly chosen sentiment!

  3. Lovely page- thank you so much Tracy for sharing you steps- I always love to see how another artist creates!
    Beautiful colors especially the depth of that blue! yummy!

  4. What a wonderful page. Thanks for showing your step by step, I always love to see those. Love it all but I particularly love your title lettering and great sentiment too of course!

  5. Say it loud & proud--You are an Artist--and you'll believe it! Lovely journal page, Tracy.


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