Saturday, 29 November 2014

I did good!

I know it's not grammatically correct, but I did good!

Yesterday I ran a workshop on Engaging Creatively with Psalm 23. It's the first workshop I've done since we moved, and the first one that has gone wider than just the congregation. It was time to stretch - my word for the year - and although it seems a small step, to me it was a big one.

The group of six took off like children in a sweet shop, praying, listening, and playing. Feedback was good and for the first time I didn't feel nervous.

This background had been sitting on my desk all week, and I just didn't have anything else to go on it. When the workshop finished, I knew this was what it had been waiting for. The colours, the circles, all spoke of joy and satisfaction.


  1. Nice one! Like the collours.

  2. Your workshop sounds wonderful! I wish I could be there, but its a bit too far :) Wonderful page. Love the colours and your circles are always fabulous.


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