Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Attracting what?

Having thought about pollinators in my last post, my husband threw a question at me that made me think further along those lines.

Flowers are there to attract birds or insects to pollinate them and so cause the plant to bear fruit. So what sort of flowers are we bearing? What sort of people are we attracting?

Brightly coloured flowers generally attract birds. Scented flowers generally attract insects.

But sometimes the things that are attracted just eat the fruit or even the flowers, without helping the plant to produce seeds for the next generation.

So, what sort of people do you attract? Do you have people in your life who continually push you to grow and bear fruit? Or do you keep attracting those possum people? You know the ones I mean - they always eat the fruit with no regard to the future productivity in your life. They steal your joy and your peace.

How can you attract the right sort of people?


  1. This is a very beautiful piece of art.

    Not easy to know who are the right sort of people. I give everyone a chance then drop them gently if they aren't right for me.As I am now 73 years old I guess experience counts as well.

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Great things to think upon. The way your portrayed it in your art is meaningful. Love to look at this and imagine it would be a wonderful reminder. I think about the type of people I would like to be around and what qualities they have. Then I try to cultivate those qualities in myself. This tends to attract like-minded people.


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