Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Building community

More gelli-printed labels. These reminded me of buildings and made me think about how a building goes up.

First of all, a big hole is dug to put in the foundations. It isn't until this is done that you can truly work out how much the building is going to cost. Up until that point it is guesswork. Once you start to dig you know what you're building on, then you can make other decisions. It can take as long to dig out the hole and pour the foundations as for the rest of the building to go up.

And that's how it is in building community, too. There is a lot of groundwork, and it can feel like a great big hole for a while. Then suddenly, the foundations are in and you can start to build on them.

So if you're trying to build a friendship, a community… hang on in there. It is worth the time invested if you stick at it.

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